Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Standing Tall

In brief: Abandoned by his mother at just six years old, Maloney is constantly in and out of juvenile court. The boy’s mother is addicted to drugs and nasty guys and begs for the chance to dump her little “monster.” Later, he’s a teenager jacking cars and succumbing to some serious anger issues.A juvenile judge nearing retirement,Florence Blaque (Catherine Deneuve) and a caseworker with a rough childhood Yann come to believe that they can help young Maloney and save him from his life of crime. In an attempt to curb his reckless ways, Maloney is then sent to a stricter educational center, where he meets Tess a special young girl who reignites his hope for a better life. The film pays homage to those compassionate workers in child services, by meticulously chronicling of the case of one wayward teen.

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