Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Manchester by the Sea

In brief: Lee Chandler, is the resident handyman for a small apartment complex in a Boston suburb. He spends his days shovelling snow, fixing leaks, and doing his best to ignore the tenants' small talk. He spends his evenings either alone in his basement apartment or nursing a beer at his local, where he'll pick a fight with anyone who throws a glance his way. Yet somehow we know that buried beneath this sadness is another life. When he receives the news that his older brother Joe has died of a congenital heart condition and that to his surprise, he's been appointed legal guardian of Joe's teenage son, Patrick, Lee returns to his nearby seaside hometown, a place of both cherished and painful memories. As this mismatched pair stumbles through the mundane details of estate planning and the awkward strain of adolescence, Lee is forced to confront his past, revealed seamlessly through flashbacks, and the realities of his present.

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