Saturday, November 5, 2016

Roger D'Astous

In brief: The remarkable achievements of Roger D’Astous (1926-1998), one of Canada's leading architects in the 20th century as seen through the eyes of his clients and colleagues, based on unpublished archives. Roger D'Astous, who designed churches as luxurious residences, is a staple of architectural modernity. He had a huge personality, authoritarian and charming at once. D’Astous devoted his life to defining a nordic architecture. A student of Frank Lloyd Wright, D'Astous was sure to point out that he refused the offer of his master, who invited him to work with him. He designed two Montreal symbols: the Châteaain hotel and the Olympic Village. D’Astous fell from grace but experienced a rennaissance in the 1980s. The portrait of the man and the artist by Etienne Desrosiers is a wonderful document. The film is carried by precious images of architectural details and commentary, but it is also delicious in rhythmic silences and anecdotes.
Ramblings: Rather pedestrian. When you've seen one building you've seen them all. Interesting but story told in first ten minutes. Then repeat and repeat.

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