Friday, November 4, 2016


In brief: Paterson works as a bus driver in Paterson, New Jersey — an ordinary working guy in a run-of-the-mill small city. His life is regulated clockwork: up around 6am, home by 6pm, walk the dog, drop by the local tavern, down a beer, chat with the bartender. His wife is a perfect match. Laura is as even-handed and -tempered as her husband. But there's more to these characters' internal lives. Paterson is a poet and Laura a repressed artistic gadfly. Each day before driving the streets, Paterson scrawls a poem in his notebook, and each evening Laura welcomes him home with a new and quirky surprise. The film is an offbeat meditation on the couple and their desire for creative self-expression, Idiosyncratic in the best of ways, Paterson is a rewarding slow burn of a film.
Ramblings: Slow burn, yes. But no payoff.

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