Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Personal Shopper

In brief: Maureen is the personal shopper for a high-powered German model/designer and jet-setter who demands an endless supply of clothes and accessories be procured and delivered to her. But Maureen has just suffered a personal trauma: her beloved twin brother, Lewis, to whom she was intensely attached, has just died due to a congenital heart condition. She is also a medium, and attempts to communicate with Lewis while wandering around their cavernous childhood home in Paris, where he died. Gradually, mysterious things begin to occur. Ghost films are a storied tradition, and Personal Shopper does no mean job in following in the footsteps of some of the best. Assayas fleshes out the story with highly personal touches that explain the obsessions that haunt and trouble his heroine as she moves through the slick and garish world of her fashionista employer, and the dark, eerie spirit world where her brother is located.
Ramblings: Not really worth the bother. The acting was wooden and the story was unbelievable and the suspenseful part of the story was predictable.

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