Sunday, September 11, 2011

Take This Waltz

In brief:
Sarah Polley's second movie. This time she wrote it too. (Too bad for us.)

All over the place. Did Sarah Polley have no point of view. Many disjointed scenes. Did Michele Williams know what movie she was in? Did Seth Rogen have any lines to learn?

Apparently this is not an autobiographical film although Sarah Polley did leave her husband for someone else and is having a baby with the new husband. What was that scene with the Leonard Cohen song all about?

At the Q & A, it was apparent that Sarah Polley has no opinion on monogamy, polygamy, or fidelity. In a newspaper review she said that sometimes Michelle Williams knew more about her character than Sarah did herself. It showed. But she let Michelle Williams drift. Too bad for Michele -- after her stunning portrayal in last year's Blue Valentine.

The cinematography was excellent. Toronto has never looked better. And the art direction was over the top.

From the Q & A:
Photo: Director Sarah Polley, Cast members, Luke Kirby, Sarah Silverman, Seth Rogen.

Seth Rogen & Sarah Silverman opinionate about Toronto.
More about Toronto from Luke Kirby & Sarah & Seth.
Sarah Polley doesn't answer question about monogamy.

For a good review that says it better, check out James McNally's at Toronto Screen Shots.

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