Saturday, September 10, 2011


In brief:
Doug Glatt is a bouncer who becomes a hockey enforcer in this "true" story based on the life of Doug Smith, a hockey enforcer who achieved minor-league fame.


Photo: Kim Coates signing autographs after the screening.

This is a great Canadian film, even though the main character is an American bouncer, played wonderfully by Seann William Scott. Most of the action takes place in Canada and the scenes on the rink are action-packed. Excellent supporting cast includes Jay Baruchel, Kim Coates, Allison Pill, Eugene Levy, Marc-André Grondin, Liev Schreiber and many more.

Anyone who loves hockey will love the action, noise, and behind the scenes shenanigans. Anyone who doesn't love hockey will be taken in by the simple story of a simple man trying to find acceptance. Just don't over think the violence in our national sport too much. Co-written by Jay Baruchel.

Not bad review in Variety tells more of the story.

A stage full at the Ryerson Theatre after the screening. (Doug Smith at extreme left.)

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