Friday, September 9, 2011


In brief:
South African movie about a repressed homosexual who stalks a younger man.

Ramblings: What's the deal with all these movies that show people driving in cars to add to the length of the film? This is the first one I noticed it in. But it also shows up in lots of movies at the festival(s) this year. Don't the scriptwriters have enough script to make the 90 minutes? Some even go further by making some parts of the film slow-motion to stretch the time. I was thoroughly bored with it during this film.

I found the premise a bit dreary. This was more a film about a stalker. Change the sex of the love object to a young woman and it would have been more obvious. Very violent and very angry and not at all satisfying as a film. The director said in the Q & A that the violent rape of the young man would in all probability never be reported.

This was the first of many dark, dreary, and depressing films I saw at the festival that I will mark with the DDD icon.

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