Friday, September 9, 2011

Summer Games

In brief: An Italian family go to a campground for the summer and learn more about themselves.

Ramblings: Dreary, dark, and dysfunctional film. Dysfunctional families are not much fun to watch. The sadism practiced by the children was a bit over-the-top. The director searched far and wide to find the kids (non-actors) who appeared in the film and apparently, according to him, the children were protected from what was seen on film by being told it was a "game" they were taking part in. Not sure I'd want my kids to be taking part in this game.

Interestingly, the audience seemed to be more put out by the apparent cruelty to a dog (those were rubber stones, we were told) than to what the children were doing to each other. Autobiographical? So what?

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