Saturday, September 10, 2011

Into the Abyss

In brief:
Another Werner Herzog documentary, this one looking at capital punishment.

It's always interesting to see what Werner Herzog is up to. His films usually look at life in a way that is slightly atilt. In this one he follows the story of a triple homicide by talking to the victims' family, the people who solved the crime, and the men in prison who committed the murders. Worth seeing but it's difficult to tell what he was trying to prove.

It's obvious he's against capital punishment but his interviews were all over the place. He also takes us into the death chamber but there was a much better doc on capital punishment at Hot Docs a couple of years ago: At the Death House Door. (Check the comment. Thanks, James.)

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  1. AT THE DEATH HOUSE DOOR is outstanding, I think it was at Hot Docs around 2007.