Sunday, September 22, 2013


In brief: Following the tremendous success of her 2006 documentary Manufactured Landscapes, critically acclaimed and award-winning Canadian filmmaker Jennifer Baichwal (Payback, Act of God) reunites with celebrated landscape photographer Edward Burtynsky for Watermark, a visually arresting and enlightening film documenting our engineered manipulation of water, and the far-reaching repercussions of abusing this valuable resource. Burtynsky’s breathtaking landscape photography is at the forefront of the film, as Baichwal investigates the role that water plays in cultures and industries in North America, Iceland, Asia and India. From the Ogallala Aquifer’s centre pivot irrigation systems in the US, to the chemical water pollution caused by India’s leather-processing industry, Watermark offers a vast exploration of water’s necessity in our global and economic survival while weaving together the various roles it plays in everyday life—and in environmental art. Ramblings:

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