Friday, September 20, 2013

Les 4 soldats

In brief: Once Civil War was declared, the military allied itself with the wealthy upper class in order to eliminate the opposition. The resulting chaos led to the demise of countless parents that left an entire generation of children to grow up without a family. It is within this context that Dominique meets Mateo (de la Cortina), quickly followed by Big Max (Bertrand) and Kevin (Schneider), who attaches himself to the newly-formed trio. Together, these four soldiers must deal with this war that has taken everything away from them, including their youth. When their regiment halts for a little R&R, their friendship becomes increasingly stronger and slowly builds towards recapturing the lost feeling of belonging to a family. Comfortably settled in their cabin or nonchalantly dipping their feet in a pond, they have rediscovered the tranquility of the good old days, a tranquility that is about to get shattered with the arrival of Gabriel (L'√Čcuyer), a new recruit they will have to train. Ramblings:

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