Friday, September 17, 2010

Even the Rain

Producer Juan Gordon
In brief:
It is early in 2000 during the protests in Bolivia in response to the the government’s decision to privatize the water company. A filmmaker is making a film about Columbus's first voyage to the New World. His actors and non-actors are caught up in both events.

Sounds complicated. But it isn't.

Very captivating story, this film makes parallels between the film makers' use of extras for their movie, the water company's treatment of the peasants, and exploitations past and present.

Q & A with producer Juan Gordon:
How did the scriptwriters collaborate?
Did the people of Cochabamba influence the script?
Did you have problems with the politicians currently in Cochobamba?
How did you cast the non-actors?
Weren't you afraid of exploiting the extras and actors?
What is the current situation vis a vis privatization of water distribution?

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