Sunday, September 20, 2009


After seeing thirty-three films in a row, you can't help but compare them and categorize them. I also am interested in why certain ones affected me one way and others in a different way.

I liked them at first
In a couple of films I felt blind-sided. I would be rooting for the main characters and then they would change inexplicably and end up not being what I had thought they were. This happened in a couple of movies. More comparison below.

Two Movies set in India
Both "The Waiting City" and "Cooking With Stella" were shot in India -- in fact, I saw them one right after the other -- but I had a negative reaction to "Stella," made by a Canadian and absolutely loved "City," made by an Australian.

Now, "Stella" is a comedy and I noticed that none of the comedies I saw at the festival were on my list of favorites. "City" is a human drama which is the type of movie I gravitate toward.

I was willing to laugh at the petty thievery at first, but things that made me uncomfortable were the depiction of the Indian police, the lack of scruples of the Indian staff, the instant change of character of the Indian nanny, the gullibility of the Canadians. I also found it hard to believe the final plot twists which seemed contrived, fantastical, and a strange way to wrap up the story.

Two Movies with Violent Plots
Both "Leaves of Grass" and "High Life" dealt with crime, criminals, and punishment. However, I bought into "High Life" but did not enjoy the last half of "Leaves of Grass."

Was it because the production values were so high ... or was the violence so graphic and thoughtless ... not sure, but I couldn't accept it in "Leaves of Grass." In "High Time" it was just as pointless but the movie was shot with a grittier style and I accepted it more easily. Not sure why.

More comparisons to come.

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