Monday, August 10, 2009

The Happiest Girl in the World

In brief:
Very slow-moving look at a day in the life of a contest winner (and her parents) while shooting a commercial. Lots of in jokes about film-making. A few chuckles.

Everybody knows that film-making is a lot of hurry-up and wait but this was just a lot of waiting. Lots of stereotypical members of the crew. Plot seemed to be made up as they went along. Some scenes came out of left field. Some scenes were completely unnecessary.

You never got the idea that anything was going on at the shoot while we were being taken off to another part of the forest for more exposition of the family dynamics — or long takes of someone doing nothing.

Although there were a few chuckles of recognition about film shoot happenings and mishaps, there was not enough engagement with any of the characters to really care what would happen next.

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